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Stop Water Damage in its Tracks:Your Guide to Gutter Protection from Atlas Building Solutoions

Welcome to Atlas Building Solutions, where our aim is to provide top-notch concierge service to homeowners looking for upgrades in exterior remodeling.

Our award-winning team is dedicated to improving the customer's 5-star experience and nurturing family-like connections with both our clients and staff. Specializing in high-quality products and adding value to the community, Atlas Building Solutions is your dependable ally in gutter guard systems, roofing, solar solutions, siding, and necessary repairs.


In safeguarding your home, gutter guards play a pivotal role. Selecting the appropriate gutter guard, ensuring expert installation, and maintaining regular upkeep is vital to guarantee that your home stays protected, comfortable, and visually attractive.

Why Gutter Guards Should Be Your Top Priority for Home Protection

Gutter guards are undeniably one of the most essential additions to ensure the protection of your home from a variety of potential damages. Properly functioning gutter guards play a crucial role in keeping rainwater flowing freely through your gutters, diverting it away from your roof and foundation, and thus preventing costly water-related damage. Without effective gutter guards, leaves and debris can clog your gutters, causing rainwater to overflow and cascade down the sides of your home, saturating the soil around the foundation. This can lead to severe foundation cracks, basement flooding, and even structural instability. Additionally, well-maintained gutter guards act as a barrier, protecting your home's exterior features, such as siding and paint, from water damage and premature wear.


By efficiently managing the flow of water and preventing blockages, gutter guards significantly reduce the risks of landscape erosion, mold growth, and potential interior damage. Investing in high-quality gutter guards and ensuring they are well-maintained is a critical step in strengthening your home against the destructive forces of water, offering long-term protection and peace of mind.

New Valor Gutter Guard and Gutter
Gutter filled with debris and Fascia Dryrot
Valor Gutter Guard close up of mesh

Every home has its own unique characteristics and requirements, and understanding this, we have designed our gutter guard systems to be highly customizable, available in a wide range of shapes, sizes, and colors to complement any home perfectly. We are committed to providing a personalized service tailored specifically to your needs.


Our process begins with a detailed consultation: when our technician visits your property, they conduct a thorough assessment, paying close attention to the distinct features and specific challenges of your home. This enables us to understand the nuances of your home’s exterior and propose a gutter guard solution that is not only effective but also aesthetically pleasing.


We believe in creating solutions in partnership with our clients. During our visit, we collaborate with you, taking into account your preferences and the architectural style of your home, to design the best possible gutter guard system for you. This personalized approach ensures that the final product is perfectly suited to your home’s needs, enhancing protection against water damage while also contributing to the overall beauty of your exterior. Our goal is to provide you with a gutter guard system that offers lasting functionality and peace of mind.

A Gutter Guard System Built Perfect To Fit Your Home

New Valor Gutter Guard and Gutter

What Makes Our Gutter Guard Different

Our gutter guards are constructed from 304 marine-grade stainless steel micro-mesh, ensuring they remain resilient against bending, cracking, or warping, thus providing enduring durability.


The design features Raised Mesh, which enhances the functionality by allowing wind to effectively clear off debris, while also accommodating heavy water flow, ensuring your gutters remain clear and functional in various weather conditions.


Additionally, the gutter guards are equipped with a solid Backing. This not only gives the guards additional structural support but also enables them to withstand heavy loads, such as the accumulation of snow, maintaining their integrity and effectiveness.


Furthermore, our gutter guard system includes a unique feature where zinc is baked into the paint. This innovative approach prevents vegetation from growing on them, ensuring your gutters stay clean and clear without the need for constant maintenance.

Customer service lies at the core of our operations at Atlas Building Solutions. We recognize that every homeowner has distinct needs and tastes, and we aim to deliver tailored solutions that meet those specific demands. Our team is always on hand to respond to queries, tackle any issues, and navigate through the remodeling journey. By maintaining transparent communication and focusing on the customer, we ensure that our clients feel supported and valued at every stage. We acknowledge that installing a new roof is a considerable investment, and we are committed to offering reassurance in your decision to choose Atlas Building Solutions.


At Atlas Building Solutions, our heritage is founded on superior-quality products, outstanding service, and a true commitment to contributing positively to our community. We realize that our work extends beyond just repairing houses; we are creating homes for families and individuals in the communities we serve. This sense of duty inspires us to pursue excellence in all our endeavors.

New Gutter, Metal Standing Seam roof, and Gutter Guard, House in Paradise

We Are The #1 Customer Service Focused Sacramento Roofer


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What to expect when working with us.

The Atlas Building Solutions team is dedicated to offering our clients comprehensive, step-by-step guidance at every stage of the process. We understand that this is a significant decision, and we are committed to supporting you throughout the entire journey.



In need of a new roof or repair?
Contact Atals Building Solutions!



• We pinpoint issues.
• We ensure our services align with your needs.



• Review our diagnosis & proposal.
• We present all possible solutions.
• Approve/sign the contract.
• Choose your design/color options.



• Color choices locked in
• We order the materials.
• Your project date gets scheduled.



• Our Project Manager/Service tech meets with you.
• The materials arrive.
• We complete the work on your home.
• We clean up all job-related debris.
• We walk around the home with you when finished.
• We'll send you a link to leave us a 5-star review.



• Final invoice is sent
• Dumpster is picked up
• Warranty gets registered
• Neighbors will be jealous of your new roof!

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