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Shingle Roof Replacement Services: Renewing Your Home's Integrity with Our Expert Team

When it comes to protecting your home and maintaining its structural integrity, a well-constructed roof is essential. At Atlas Building Solutions, we recognize that even the sturdiest shingle roofs can degrade over time. That's why we've established a dedicated Shingle Roof Replacement Department, focused on renewing your roof efficiently and effectively. Our unwavering commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction extends beyond mere repairs – we invite you to let your trusted partners at Atlas be your go-to shingle roof replacement experts.


Just as your home's foundation is critical for stability, your shingle roof protects your family and belongings from the elements. Over time, your roof may deteriorate due to age, weather damage, or unexpected incidents. As skilled shingle roof replacement specialists, our team of professionals is ready to evaluate, recommend, and implement the full replacement solutions needed to rejuvenate your roof’s appearance and functionality. Whether dealing with wear and tear or significant damage, we possess the knowledge and skills to perform your shingle roof replacement with enduring quality.

As the top-rated roof replacement company in Sacramento, Atlas Building Solutions takes pride in being your trusted provider for comprehensive shingle roof replacement services. Our method involves more than just replacing old shingles – we thoroughly examine your roofing system to identify and rectify any underlying issues, ensuring the prolonged durability and protection of your new roof. From selecting the right materials to addressing any structural concerns, we are here to enhance the safety and integrity of your home, one shingle at a time.

Laying underlayment for roof

Why We Use GAF?

Top-Notch Quality:

GAF roofing materials are tested tough to meet the best standards out there. When you choose GAF, you can relax knowing your roof is made with strong stuff that can handle the weather and keep your home safe.

Extensive Variety:

GAF has many different types of roofing materials, so you can find the one that looks just right for your house and what you like. Whether you want simple shingles or something fancier, GAF has plenty of options for everyone.

Great Strength:

GAF roofing shingles are made to be strong and last a long time. They use advanced tech and the best materials to stand up to bad weather, avoid damage, and stay in good shape for years.

Better Looking Home:

Your roof plays a big part in how your home looks. GAF shingles come in many different colors, textures, and styles to make your home look better and stand out in the neighborhood.

Warranty Protection:

GAF stands by its products with strong warranties. When you get GAF roofing shingles installed by Atlas Building Solutions, you also get the peace of mind of great warranty protection, keeping your investment safe for a long time.

New Shingle roof in concord
New Shingle roof in concord

Your Certified Gaf Contractor

A GAF Certified Contractor is a roofing professional who meets the stringent standards set by GAF, one of the leading manufacturers of roofing materials. This reputable status is given to a limited number of contractors who have shown exceptional skill, professionalism, and a solid history of high-quality work. To become a GAF Certified Contractor, a roofing professional must meet these requirements:

Proper Licensing:

The contractor must have all necessary licenses and permits from local and state authorities to work as a roofing contractor.

Adequate Insurance Coverage:

The contractor must have sufficient liability insurance to protect their clients and employees in case of accidents or damage during the roofing work.

Proven Reputation:

The contractor should be well-regarded in the local community for offering high-quality roofing services and achieving high customer satisfaction levels.

Ongoing Training:

GAF Certified Contractors commit to continuous professional growth and keeping up with the latest industry methods, techniques, and product information. They take part in training programs provided by GAF to improve their skills and knowledge.

Superior Workmanship:

GAF Certified Contractors commit to continuous professional growth and keeping up with the latest industry methods, techniques, and product information. They take part in training programs provided by GAF to improve their skills and knowledge.

Commitment to Excellence:

GAF Certified Contractors follow a strict ethical code, ensuring honest and open business practices. They focus on customer satisfaction, provide dependable warranties, and offer outstanding customer service.

GAF Roofing | Your Certified Roofing Experts, Atlas Building Solutions

Earning the GAF Certified Contractor status enables a roofing professional to enjoy special advantages from GAF, such as access to cutting-edge roofing products, better warranty options, and manufacturer support.


This collaboration between GAF and Atlas Building Solutions means that homeowners receive top-notch roofing installations and the confidence that comes with hiring a recognized and certified expert.


Homeowners should check the status of a contractor's GAF certification directly with GAF to confirm that their chosen contractor is an authentic GAF Certified Contractor.

Frequently Asked Questions

New Shingle roof for apartments

Can I trust Atlas Building Solutions Contracting Company with the installation of GAF Roof Shingles as a certified Contractor?

You can definitely trust Atlas Building Solutions with your GAF roofing shingle installation. Their certification shows they're dedicated to providing quality service, skilled work, and customer happiness. This top-tier status is given by GAF Roofing to only a few contractors who meet the strictest industry standards. With Atlas Building Solutions, you're in good hands for a skilled and careful shingle installation.

Atlas Building Solutions understands how crucial a reliable and attractive roof is for your home. With GAF, we offer the best in roofing with a range of strong, stylish, and effective solutions. Count on us to upgrade your home and give you the peace of mind you need. Reach out today to see all the possibilities with GAF Roof Shingles and to experience our top-notch roofing expertise.

Tear off of shingle roof

What is the lifespan of GAF Roof Shingles?

GAF offers a variety of roofing shingles, each designed to last a specific amount of time. Typically, their architectural shingles can last from 30 years up to a lifetime, while their three-tab shingles are expected to last 20 to 30 years. The real lifespan can change based on things like the weather, how well they're installed, and how they are maintained. Atlas Building Solutions, as a certified contractor for GAF Roofing systems, installs these shingles expertly, helping you make the most of your investment.

Are GAF Roof Shingles resistant to wind and impact?

GAF Roofing shingles are made to stand up to strong winds and impacts. They're tested thoroughly to make sure they meet the standards for resisting wind. GAF has shingles rated to resist winds up to 130 mph or more, offering great protection against harsh weather.

Can GAF Roof Shingles improve energy efficiency?

Yes, GAF makes roofing shingles that can help your home be more energy-efficient. They have shingles that reflect sunlight to keep your house cooler and could help lower your air conditioning costs. GAF's Cool Series shingles are Energy Star® certified, making your home more energy-friendly. The team at Atlas Building Solutions can help you choose the best GAF shingles for saving energy.

Are GAF Roof Shingles available in different styles and colors?

GAF Roofing provides a vast array of shingle styles and colors, fitting various house designs and personal tastes. Whether you want the timeless appeal of three-tab shingles or the sophisticated look of architectural shingles, there's plenty of choice. You can pick from a range of colors to match your home's style. With the expertise of Atlas Building Solutions, you can find the perfect style and color of GAF Roofing shingles to enhance your home's appearance.

Do GAF Roof Shingles come with a warranty?

GAF roofing shingles come with different warranty options. These warranties cover things like manufacturing flaws and the quality of the materials. The specifics of the warranty depend on the type of shingles you pick. It's a good idea to look at GAF's warranty information for your chosen shingles. Atlas Building Solutions can ensure your shingles are installed correctly, which is important for keeping your warranty valid. They'll help you understand your warranty and provide the necessary paperwork.

Can I install GAF Roof Shingles myself, or do I need professional installation?

While you could install GAF roofing shingles yourself, it's much better to have them installed by professionals. A pro can make sure your shingles are put on right, following all the guidelines, which helps your roof last longer, keeps your warranty valid, and makes sure your roof performs its best. GAF has programs to help you find qualified contractors for a reliable installation.


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What to expect when working with us.

The Atlas Building Solutions team is dedicated to offering our clients comprehensive, step-by-step guidance at every stage of the process. We understand that this is a significant decision, and we are committed to supporting you throughout the entire journey.



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• We pinpoint issues.
• We ensure our services align with your needs.



• Review our diagnosis & proposal.
• We present all possible solutions.
• Approve/sign the contract.
• Choose your design/color options.



• Color choices locked in
• We order the materials.
• Your project date gets scheduled.



• Our Project Manager/Service tech meets with you.
• The materials arrive.
• We complete the work on your home.
• We clean up all job-related debris.
• We walk around the home with you when finished.
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